Our Stroller & Car seat

Our Stroller & Car seat


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Choosing a stroller can be super overwhelming. There are SO many options, it can be hard to decide where to begin. Finding the right stroller is similar to buying a car; it takes research and time, but rest assured, I did all of the research for you!

When it came time for us to shop for a stroller we knew we wanted something stylish, smooth and that could grow with our family. We looked at a handful of brands, but we kept coming back to the UPPAbaby VISTA.

If you are too overwhelmed and can’t decide which stroller or car seat to get, I would suggest getting the UPPAbaby VISTA + the UPPAbaby MESA car seat. By choosing these two options you will be 100% ready for your baby’s arrival!

What is UPPAbaby anyway?

UPPAbaby is the creme de la creme when it comes to high-quality baby products. The strollers are attractive in appearance and multi-functional.  The company also prides itself on having impeccable customer service and its warranty program strives to repair or ship replacement parts within 24 hours of a claim being confirmed, so rest assured that the company will be there for you if you need them.

Who is it for?

The UPPAbaby VISTA is for couples who want a stylish stroller with a lot of flexibility. I never thought a stroller could be luxurious, but this my friends is as swanky as it gets. UPPAbaby offers high-quality, but along with that comes a hefty price tag. The VISTA start at $899.99. Definitely an investment.

Why we chose the VISTA

Photo was taken on one of our walks in the park this past Fall.

When I first considered the VISTA, I was hesitant because of the price. I considered the less expensive version, the CRUZ, but we knew we wanted to have more than one child so that brought us right back to the VISTA. I hemmed and hawed over the price, but once I took it for a test drive I knew the UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 and the MESA car seat in the color “Jake” was…the one. The thing that really sold me was how smooth of a ride it was. I remember pushing it around in the store and feeling like the stroller was literally pushing itself! I also LOVE storage space and the large basket underneath was a huge plus for me. I can run an errand to Target or HomeGoods and use the basket as my cart. It is also really easy to open and close. I’ve watched parents struggle with their strollers, where I can easily pop the VISTA into my trunk in 10-15 seconds. When schlepping a baby around it’s all about speed and ease.

Onto some of the optional add-ons of our stroller…we knew we wanted something all black, mainly because it is easy to clean, but it also looks classy. We chose to add on this UPPAbaby VISTA Leather Handlebar and bumper bar cover in the color saddle. This is clearly not a necessity, but it just looks and feels swanky so we chose to add it on. At such a big price already, what’s another $80 bucks? We also picked up this spiral activity toy for the bumper bar which fits perfectly and is Micah’s favorite toy!

Lastly, since the VISTA can accommodate up to three kids at once, we knew it would be with our family for the long haul. We bought the separate rumble seat and piggyback ride-along board so that both kids can ride on the same stroller. We also purchased the infant snug seat which is a perfect fit for all Vista models, and provides extra comfort for Micah’s neck and back when we go for our walks. In my opinion, the versatility of the VISTA is easily worth the price. We knew the VISTA would be the only stroller our family would ever need!


The UPPAbaby VISTA comes with a lot of fabulous features. Below are some of my favorite features:

*A bassinet that is approved for overnight sleeping (stand for bassinet sold separately) that comes with a large sun canopy with SPF 50+ a pop out sun visor that goes all the way to the bumper bar

*The ability to position your car seat, bassinet and toddler seat facing either toward or away from you

*A peekaboo window in the canopy so you can check on your child when they are facing away from you

*A bug net and rain cover

*An adjustable handlebar

*A toddler seat with adjustable recline and footrest

*A design that allows the stroller to stand upright when folded

*A bumper bar that is removable and swings away for easy ins and outs.

*All terrain wheels which can accommodate all types of weather

*The one-step foot parking brake (green means go; red means stop)

*A large storage space that can hold up to 30 pounds. I added this UPPAbaby stroller organizer that clips to the handlebar. This is where I put my water bottle, wallet, keys and phone. See these stroller hooks which work well for attaching my purse, his diaper bag or other shopping bags.

*UPPAbaby in the car:  Adding to its versatility the UPPAbaby MESA car seat attaches directly to the VISTA frame in seconds. The price for the MESA runs between $239-$349.99. FYI, if you purchase the MESA you will also need the infant base for your car.

I despise carrying car seats. Call me lazy or boujee, but I think they are heavy and just a huge pain to lug around.  When we were choosing a car seat we knew we wanted something lightweight. The UPPAbaby MESA is one of the lighter car seats weighing in at just 8 lbs compared to other brands that weigh over 10 lbs. Trust me, every pound counts, especially once your little one starts getting chunky.

The car seat installation is a BREEZE – Robert installed ours in just a few minutes. A special feature is each time you place the car seat in the base the smart security system has an indicator that changes from red to green for visual confirmation that the base has been installed correctly every time. I love this because I can visually see that Micah is safe and secure.

Another plus is the adjustable headrest with side impact protection that is 4x safer than premium car seats. The MESA received a 5-star rating by NHTSA for its ease of use and can accommodate babies 4 – 35 lbs.

The VISTA is also compatible with popular car seats like Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Cybex, and Graco. Just be aware, you will need to get correct adapters for these car seats.

I adore this super cute car seat cover by Itzy Ritzy. When we are traveling to and from the car or if he is sleeping this offers him privacy. On colder days I use a weather resistant car seat cover. Another perk is the VISTA and MESA also fit universal travel bags. We purchased both a universal stroller bag and a car seat bag.

*8 different seating combinations– The VISTA can accommodate twins and two or three siblings. It can accommodate 2 infant car seats, bassinets, or toddler seats.

Something to be aware of:

Some of the seat combinations require additional adapters. In order to get ALL of the seat combinations, you will need to purchase a lower adapter and an upper adapter.


  • Smooth ride
  • Stylish
  • Great for a growing family


  • Wide wheels which make turning in narrow spaces more difficult
  • More expensive than other stroller brands

Where to purchase

Amazon sells the UPPAbaby VISTA in several different colors and starts at $899.99. It is also available at UPPAbaby.com, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, buybuyBABY and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Bottom Line

If you appreciate style and function then this is the stroller for you. The VISTA will offer a smooth ride for both you and your family.

Viva la VISTA!




Just so you are aware, I am an Amazon Affiliate.

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